Two Types of Foster Care

Because children have different needs, different types of foster care are provided for them. The two types of foster care have its own set of qualifications and serves children in different ways.

Traditional or Regular Foster Care

Children in this type of care can be aged 0 to 18.

The children in traditional foster care may have some moderate behavioral problems as a result of their experiences before entering the home. The problems presented should be manageable using the training provided as part of the qualification process with and help from professionals.

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC)

Children in this type of care can be aged 3 to 18. This level of care is for children who present behavioral problems that traditional foster parents cannot manage without specialized support and training.

Children in traditional homes are sometimes moved to this level of placement temporarily or permanently when they present difficult behaviors.

TFC parents, who have had more extensive training, work to bring the behaviors to more manageable levels so that the children can be returned to traditional foster care.