“Sonja” was three when she became a victim of sexual abuse. DHS removed her from her parents’ home and thus began a long line of shelters, foster homes and DHS facilities. She was twelve when she was referred to our agency and needless to say was very defiant and distrustful. The foster mother connected with her, and over time patiently showed her a better way. Through the support of agency staff and the guidance of her foster parent, she is now a freshman in college. She is no longer a victim, but a survivor.

“Keith” was an eight year old boy who had been in several facilities, and was desperately needing support and a stable environment. He was very behind in his school work due to the constant disruptions of placement changes. He had behavioral issues, trust issues, and was often disruptive in the classroom. His foster parents encouraged him with praise and positive behavior alternatives, tutored him in school work, and his therapist worked with him on alternative ways of communicating his emotional needs. He began to improve and was able to complete treatment and became eligible for adoption. He is now a thriving preteen in a loving “forever” family.